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So today I thought I should step up my game and try a workout video.  When I was younger (and in much better shape) I was involved in dance, so I thought “Hey, why not try a dance workout?!”.  I thought since I had some dance background it would be a piece of cake (heh heh) to get back in the swing of it.


I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I was gasping and my legs were burning like someone injected them with acid.  I am still recovering 10 minutes after finishing one section (yeah, that’s right I only finished one section of the three on the video).  I can’t believe how out of shape I am.  I always prided myself on being semi-muscular (“solid” as my mom says), even if all the muscle was buried under layers of cushy softness.  I think my muscles have taken an extended vacation.


I am starting this blog to track my progress towards my goal of becoming a healthier person.  I am a strong supporter of the Health At Every Size (or HAES) movement, and do not believe that weight loss exclusively is a determining factor in “health” for many people.  That being said, I am the heaviest I have ever been at this point in time, and I do not feel at home or comfortable in my own body anymore.  My goal is to become a more active person and to change my eating habits to fit a more balanced lifestyle.  I will be tracking my weight and I will post my progress here every now and then.  So onward and upward (or downward, I guess I should say)!

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